Lots of students and youth lack self-discipline, confidence, low self-esteem, lack of time management and not sure which career path to take. With our many tailored programs we can empower, challenge and inspire young people from being a zero to hero. Once they step out of the bus/combi or the facilitators introduce themselves to them at their premises, they will start to feel the warmth and the FUN that is awaiting them from activities, games, presentations, dialogues, obstacles courses and the likes. Our inspirational talks are presented in such a way that will make sense to them. Lots of ENERGY!
The programs focuses on team and personal development, that is the reason we give each and every pupil a special attention, no matter how many are they.


  • Provide personal support and mentoring to pupils and teachers
  • We ensure that youth take responsibility for their own actions
  • We help you identify and equip your student (youth) leaders
  • Create environment for participants to know each other’s strength and work as a team
  • Encourage, empower and challenge youth to be self-disciplined
  • Help with tried and tested method of helping them know exactly which career field to follow.
  • Help and equipm young people to be involved in the economic activities of Africa and globally.


  • Team work
  • Personal development/Life skills
  • We help you identify the leaders
  • Examplery leaders
  • Entrepreneurship skills
  • Building TRUST
  • STOP bullying
  • Creativity
  • Discipline & Respect
  • Motivation
  • Adventure/Outdoor experience
  • Fun!

10 000 Students/Youth who have been inspired and experienced our programs in 2018

Easy to organize: Prior to the camp/workshop we make arranging and organising a camp/workshop easier for the school by sending in documents such as; broacher, to bring list, parent acknowledgement form with medical info on it and we bring along first aid kit etc.
Activities, Power point presentations, Obstacle courses, Games, Discussions and Assessments
We can run a program to 10 people to as big as 1000 people or more. We can run your event anywhere you want us to.
From 1 hour to multiple days program/event.
We are very flexible and can host the program at your premises, your desired venue or a venue arranged by us.
If you have a creative idea that you would like to discuss for your school or organisation,
 please do not hesitate to get in touch.